The Pine Lakes Clubhouse is the perfect facility to host your private events!
Rental of the Pine Lakes Clubhouse is a privilege reserved for Pine Lakes Association members only and not relatives, friends, or the general public. Activities are limited to private parties for family entertainment and recreation unless otherwise approved by the Trustees. Rentals for the purpose of monetary gain are not permitted. Limited to 150 people maximum capacity (available seating for 60).
Cost for the rental is $200.00 starting August 2021
Included in the rental: 
  • Six (6) 60 inch round tables that each seat up to eight (8) people
  • Eight (8) rectangle tables, 6’ long by 30" wide
  • Stackable chairs
  • Gas fireplace can be used with or without heat. The fireplace is 68 inches tall and the Mantel is 88.5 inches wide. The hearth depth is 22 inches.  The peak in the ceiling is 14ft.  The height from the mantel to the peak in the ceiling is 8.5ft 
  • Television with local channels, Wifi, Ceiling fan and A/C
  • Outdoor pavilion, Six (6) picnic tables and a play area for children
  • Full kitchen with two (2) coffee pots, electric stove, refrigerator and ample counter space. Peninsula is 117.5 x 37 inches wide. Kitchen is stocked with paper towels, dish soap, garbage bags and cleaning supplies if needed
  • Two restrooms with stocked toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer
  • Onsite Parking
  • Single basketball net located at the edge of the parking lot
  • Cement pad outside the 2 patio doors is 23ft wide (parallel to the doors) and 20ft deep