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Contact Us
Please follow these guidelines to make sure your message gets to the person(s) that is best able to assist you.
The form below will send an email to the correct Board member by entering the correct response in the Send To field.
Financial Manager:
Select FINANCIAL MANAGER for questions regarding payment of Annual or Clubhouse fees, etc. That message will go to the Coral company which is working with the Board to manage the financial affairs for Pine Lakes.  
Tree Maintenance:
Select TREE MAINTENANCE for any tree planting, removal, concerns or to report down trees in the common areas.
Select LANDSCAPING for any lawn, shrub or common area concerns.
Select PONDS for any issue with our ponds.
Any other HOA Concern: (All Trustees)
Select GENERAL QUESTION for any HOA business questions, suggestions, complaints, clarification of guidelines and covenants, etc.
PLEASE NOTE: Community related disputes are governed by Strongsville City Ordinances. For problems such as; barking dogs, poorly maintained yards, or improperly parked automobiles, contact the City of Strongsville.  Our Pine lakes Residential Community Handbook summarizes our By laws and lists phone numbers for the city and other resources our community would find helpful.  
Select the Webmaster for questions regarding logging into or finding data on this website or to make any suggestions for improvement.
Our Mailing Address:
Pine Lakes Residential Community, Inc 
10949 Woodrun Drive
Strongsville, Ohio 44136
Board Members:
President: Dave Reed - Manages Landscaping and Detention Ponds
Vice President: Diana Heyse - Webmaster
Treasurer: Steve Galperin - Oversees all Finances
Trustee: Rob Dolan - Manages Trees and Clubhouse
Trustee: Bob Miller - Manages Permits, City Requests and Ponds